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My name is Joseph Pruitt, I am 68 years old. In October 2014 I joined Dr Gonzales Desert Medical Fitness Academy, thanks to exercise and diet I lost 50 pounds. I owe much to Dr Gonzales and the team in Desert Medical Fitness Academy, Rancho Mirage. My current weight is 180 pounds and I have been maintaining it for while.


If you are looking for a great place to work out, Desert Medical Fitness Academy is defiantly the place for you. It is not a "mega gym", but more of a "private club" where you can workout with a one on one trainer, receive great meal planning and supervised weight loss programs.

Being a current member, I am proud to say I have lost 30 pounds over a six month period and look and feel 20 years younger. A recent visit to my Doctor revealed lower test numbers all around, as well as removing my cholesterol medication.

This is a really clean and personal environment to be in. I highly recommend Desert Medical Fitness Academy, for their state of the art machines, as well as the fantastic one on one trainers.



Our brand new "Desert Medical Fitness Academy" offers a range of cost-effective personalized exercise, nutrition and weight loss services to help you achieve a healthier.

"Become the Best Version of You!"

Not your traditional gym! 
Together with our Dieticians and Certified Personal Trainers, we will prescribe you a lifestyle-based exercise and weight loss program designed around your individual needs and goals

Robert - Rancho Mirage, CA - Age 66

The best thing I did this year was sign on to Desert Medical Fitness Academy's program. Working closely with their certified fitness trainer and with guidance from their nutritionist, I lost 30 pounds and now I feel and look better than I have in years. The personalized training strengthened my "core" and has improved my tennis game, stamina, and sense of well-being.


I want take this time to thank you for the past 6 months at Desert Medical Fitness Academy.  I would have not met my 45 pound weight loss goal if it had not been for Olivier and his professional training abilities.
The benefits that I received at Desert Medical Fitness Academy are:

Weight loss of 45 pounds. I lost 6 inches from my waist line and reached my goal weight of 150 pounds.
Improved overall fitness. This was accomplished by the Academy making available the most state of the art equipment and machines and including a skilled private trainer.
Health benefits. I no longer am having to take high blood pressure medicine and have also improved my pulmonary lung condition.
I have developed new fitness habits in regards to my eating and exercising that will help me maintain my goals for the long term.
Self-esteem, overall feeling good about yourself.
Judd, I appreciate you making available Desert Medical Fitness Academy to me.  I would have never met my fitness goals if if had not been for Olivier’s encouragement and his coaching skills, thanks so much.
Dennis L. Nickel

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